A million questions

Since Zac and I got engaged, I feel like our lives have become a bombardment of questions. As excited as I am to talk about the wedding and our engagement, all while giggling like a child, it’s a never-ending challenge to answer the same questions constantly and creatively.

Therefore, here is a list of some popular questions we/I have gotten in the past seven weeks and answers to said questions:

  • So when’s the big day? – We will be getting married in Fall 2013. We have a tentative date from our church but we need to tie up some loose ends first before we have it set in stone.
  • When will you know? - Most likely, we will not announce an actual date until we have the church and reception venue booked (unless you are my brother, who will be stationed in Korea that year and absolutely has to know as soon as humanly possible).
  • Can’t you get married this year? - No. Just…no.
  • What are your wedding colors? - In general, eggplant and sage
  • What do you want your dress to look like? - Lace and tea length with half sleeves. This dress I found while surfing Pinterest is pretty much exactly what I am looking for.

These are the ones we can answer right now. Everything else is still so tentative and we won’t really get into the thick of wedding planning until after Christmas. If you’e curious, my pinboard sheds some light on the general feel of what we’d like the wedding to be (and on the photography I’d like. Did I mention that the photography is the detail I care the most about? It is) but for now we’re looking at things we like/want to do compared to the money we have to spend.

Please know that I am still totally excited to talk about this wedding with any/everyone. But sometimes, all I want is for someone to hold my hands, giggle, jump up and down and stare at my ring with me.

With that, I will leave you with a song that makes me cry because I’m so happy.

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